Forest Fancies

“I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go.”

I'm Jenna. grad student. new york state. ecologist. naturalist. environmentalist. dog-lover. birder. nerd. I love procrastinating, science, music, nature, photography, interesting people, books, learning, astronomy, hiking, chocolate, peanut butter, tea, and coffee. I also love meeting new people, so say hello!

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"He fell in love twice that year, all the flowers in the South.
Held tight two horses galloping in opposite directions. Found himself on the ground. The dust, the burn. The sky, a shined pair of boots. He wore the heels through. Kept wearing them.
Hung his shoes over the lamp.
The night held pearl necklaces by the fistful—-sometimes a tease,
sometimes the exhaling of a perfect shape. He wrote poems
about what this told him. His chest filled
with a heavy lump of mineral
that pulled at the metal of the sky."
Anis Mojgani - Sunset Park


#anis mojgani   #sunset park  

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